The Masonic Secret…

… To A Better Body

The idea of “Masonic Secrets” is legendary; they show up in books, movies, TV shows, and internet groups. In actuality, of course, the secrets are more mundane. What is not a secret, though, is that Freemasons are increasing in numbers. Unfortunately, those numbers are generally our ages and waist sizes.

That’s why we are presenting Freemason Fitness: a regular program for those of us who are ready to dial those numbers back to something healthier, to something more fit, and more befitting of our reputation.

The methods here, though, are not secrets at all; they are proven, time-tested methods that, if followed and practiced regularly, will help reverse the years of dinners, desserts, and bad posture from years in uncomfortable chairs.

Are you ready? Let’s take one regular step… to good health, and a better body.