The Refreshment

Nobody likes to write, print, stamp, or hear the word “diet,” so we won’t mention it here. We will, however, mention that Freemason Fitness is not a diet, but a guide to healthy nutrition. How does it work?

There are 7 “recognized” foods that you can enjoy, and there are some “unrecognized” foods that you need to avoid.

Recognized Foods:
With the Freemason Fitness plan, you will have a range of healthy, satisfying options to keep you full, energized, and able to lift those ashlars.

  • Protein: Beef & Pork, Chicken, Fish
  • Healthy Carbs: Potatoes, Rice
  • Fiber: Vegetables & salad, Fruit.

Clandestine Foods:
Not all foods are recognized on the Freemason Fitness plan. These foods actually serve to rob your of your health, your energy, and your overall fitness. How many of these do you typically see at your lodge table?

  • Clandestine Carbs: Sugar, Pancakes, Pie, Donuts
  • Fattening Faux Amie: Dairy (cheese, cream, dips), Nuts
  • Unsanctioned Snacks: Chips, Cookies

You need to stick with regular portions of the Recognized foods, and to avoid the Clandestine foods while on the Freemason Fitness plan.