5 Exercises

5 Different Exercises
We also realize that Freemasons are busy people. You don’t have hours to spend working out, nor do you have access to over-priced, faddy equipment. All it takes are 5 different exercises, and about an hour of your time.

We know that  you barely have enough time to hit the gym. Job, household chores, children, family obligations, and yes, lodge all take up some of your time. That’s why the Freemason Fitness workout is just limited to an hour or so at a time, with simply 5 exercises:

A Day
Squats (main exercise)
Barbell Rows (main exercise)
Pull ups (?) (assistance exercise)
Shoulder Press (assistance exercise)
Lat Raises (assistance exercise)

B Day
Deadlifts (main exercise)
Bench Press (main exercise)
Lunges (assistance exercise)
Tricep Extension (assistance exercise)
Bicep Curls (assistance exercise)

So, what does the actual lifting  routine look like? Let’s take one more regular step