3 Days

3 Days A Week
At Freemason Fitness, we recognize that you can’t spend every day at the gym. That’s okay, you don’t need to. Just follow our lifting program only 3 days a week.

Freemason Fitness doesn’t have any complicated routines. Just pick 3 non-consecutive days. Many guys like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but if you have lodge on Monday, then Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (or Sunday) might work better.

The Freemason Fitness plan has alternating A and B days. Both are full-body workouts; not only is every day “leg day,” but every day is also back day, and arm day. And if for some reason you miss a day, then simply pick up where you left off the next time.

Your workout schedule for the week will look like this:
A – rest – B – rest – A – rest – rest

Naturally the next week will look like this:
B – rest – A- rest – B- rest – rest

See? It’s so easy that even a Past Master couldn’t complain about it.

Now that you are prepared, let’s take one more regular step