My Brother, Do You Even Lift?

Let’s face it, my brothers: All of those pancake breakfasts, fish fries, spaghetti dinners, and of course, the cookies, donuts, pies, and desserts are taking their toll.Building-the-temple

We aren’t getting any younger, and even as our lifestyles become more sedentary, our waistline, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and of course, our weight has gone up.

My brothers, do you find yourself wearing collar extenders, even on those new dress shirts?

Have you added extra string to fasten your aprons?

Do you dread the walk upstairs to the meeting room?

Freemasonry teaches us to work on our spiritual temple, but what about our corporal temple? What about our bodies, which are engineered to carry our minds through our life journey? Are we fitting workmen for the labors on King Solomon’s Temple?

Brothers, I’m here to whisper good counsel to you. I have crafted a plan to help you get fit, lean, and healthy. Following my proven routines will soon have you hoisting rocks in the quarry.

Come on – let’s take that next step


One thought on “My Brother, Do You Even Lift?

  1. Wonderful subject, wonderful help for those of us needing to shed some lbs.
    And also, an excellent, well designed website. Simple. Uncluttered. This website encourages you to read on.
    Congratulations. I probably will not engage in the gym work, but all words of encouragement, along with your easy to follow Steps, are going to keep me going.

    I would like to include a link to your website on our Lodge website, with your permission.

    Thank you for what you’ve done. It’s a noble example of Charity, Morality, and Brotherly Love.


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